2017 Breaking Down the Walls of Race Conference

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said it best nearly 50 years ago when he said, “We must face the sad fact that at the eleven o’ clock hour on Sunday morning when we stand to sing, we stand in the most segregated hour in America.” The unfortunate reality is that 50 years later, not much has changed.

Needless to say, the most segregated day in America should not be Sunday. In the hour of racial tensions that we find ourselves in, the church of Jesus Christ needs to be leading in racial reconciliation and church diversity and not lagging behind in veiled segregation.

In Revelation Ch. 5, there were gathered around the throne people from every kindred, tongue, people and nation. A beautiful array of ethnic colors all singing the same song: Worthy is the Lamb! That’s what heaven will be like.

On February 19-21, we will be having special worship services that will clebrate the ethinc diversity in our community

Sunday 11AM – Bro. Marshall Robinson
Sunday 5PM – Pastor Jeff Carter
Monday 7PM – Missionary James Miyashita
Tuesday 7PM – Dr. Jay P. Trimble
Come worship Jesus with us and lets experience a little bit of Heaven on earth!


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